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With six major media components, Quebecor is a unique portal that offers targeted services that meet each advertiser’s individual needs. Our research and expertise in creative media allow us to guide the advertiser from the strategic development stage all the way through to the execution of advertising campaigns. Because we know how to make the most of strengths and complementarity of all components of the group, our customers can benefit from successful and profitable campaigns thanks to our personalized publishing and production services.

Media Creativity

Media Creativity’s mission is to build and implement innovative, multiplatform strategies and commercial concepts that promote the values of the group’s brands.

Would you like to partner with a provider whose strong and effective brands continue to win the hearts of Quebec consumers? Quebecor’s Media Creativity offers a multitude of platforms and creative solutions that will enable you to meet your objectives.

The team is made up of experts whose impressive resumes have earned them recognition in the fields of media, marketing, advertising, and production. Media Creativity is ready to support the advertising processes of agencies and advertisers who want to stand out and partner with Quebecor Media brands.

We invite you to take up the challenge!


When it comes to understanding market trends and the media industry, the Québecor Research Department has broad-based expertise and in-depth knowledge. It is THE resource for our sales teams and advertising clients. The department works in close collaboration with our sales teams to build comprehensive and relevant sales strategies.

The Research Department offers its clients an abundance of analyses of television viewership, magazine and newspaper readership, as well as Internet, VOD, and wireless traffic. Constantly on the alert for changes in media and industry trends, Quebecor’s Research Department is continually formulating more specific research questions in order to offer its clients clear, up-to-date, and relevant answers in a fast-evolving industry.